Argus - Argus is an automated control systems pioneer with over thirty years of leadership and innovation in control technology. We were among the first to use computers for integrating the control of greenhouse environments and irrigation systems. Today our systems are used in horticulture and biotechnology research facilities, universities, aquaculture and aquaponics, and many other custom control applications at sites throughout the world.

We understand that complex environments and engineered bio-production facilities require individually tailored  strategies designed around the needs of the target activities. We also understand that greenhouses and other specialized facilities behave a lot differently than conventional buildings and often require much more complex equipment systems and backup contingencies to maintain optimal climates and growth processes.

Ball Horticulture - Ball Horticultural Company’s mission is to be the world leader in the research, breeding, production and marketing of ornamental crops. We call the actions that guide us our Pillars of Growth: Color the world. Create excitement in the world of flowers. Always be the first choice for service. Continually improve our cost position. Grow a green future.

Beekenkamp Plants  -  Ornamentals is breeder and propagator of home and garden plants. The company is market leader in begonia elatior and cyclamen and leading supplier of dahlia, platycodon, impatiens NG and gerbera. Worldwide, Beekenkamp Plants - Ornamentals realises sales of around 350 million plants per year and stands out through high quality, a very wide supply of crops and a high level of technical breeding expertise.

Dümmen Group  -  is a business unit of DNA Green Group, is one of the world's leading young plants producers. Family run for two generations, it has a solid foundation as a grower-oriented company, with worldwide state-of-the-art facilities for mother plant production. Dümmen Group fields several well-regarded brands such as Bartels, Ecke, Fides and RED FOX. Clear vision and mission statements guide the company. These are derived from strong personal beliefs and goals, and are well defined within the organization.

Ecke Ranch - like the poinsettias we grow, has become in many ways part of the American tradition. Now in its third generation, the ranch focuses on maintaining the long-term customer relations forged by Paul Ecke Sr. From finding new ways to reduce growers risk to adopting new business solutions, the Paul Ecke Ranch commitment goes well beyond its advanced poinsettia genetics. Increasing production capacity to meet grower demand, our regionally based technical support staff, and our 24/7 support from our website are all a part of how this traditional company is growing solutions for today.

Fred C. Gloeckner Company  - provides a full range of products and services to the commercial horticultural industry in most of the U.S.A., plus Central and South America. Twenty five field representatives serve the industry in the field, with a total of 60 employees conducting the continuing operations from its home base in Harrison, New York. Additionally, Gloeckner operates a state-of-the-art bulb treatment facility that was constructed in 1997 in Clackamas, Oregon and today processes millions of specialty flower bulbs for the US market.

Great Grow Inc. - GreatGrow™ Soil and Foliar Amendments are  revolutionary new treatments that safely and naturally restore life to compacted, nutrient-depleted soil.  Formulated with a natural, carbon-based delivery process, our proprietary blends of amendments provide a broad spectrum of healthy, beneficial organisms in a "safe-harbor" environment to ultimately:  Produce Healthier Crop, Turf and Plants Increase Yields, Reduce Water Usage Lower Input Costs, Improve Profitability. Unlike chemical and organic products that are only reactive to specific disease symptoms, GreatGrow is proactive and is the only complete soil and foliar program to incorporate a full spectrum of beneficial, aerobic organisms that continually restore, nurture and expand life in soil... naturally.

Greenhouse Grower Magazine - Greenhouse Grower represents the best interests of the commercial greenhouse ornamentals industry with a focus on the knowledge and tools to sustain and enhance the industry’s vitality and profitable growth. Our readers are growers of floriculture crops, including bedding plants, potted plants, fresh cut flowers, potted foliage plants, greenhouse vegetables, container perennials, plugs, woody ornamentals and other floriculture crops. is the digital location to find what’s new in the greenhouse industry. The site features top content from our print magazine and newsletters, featured video and content and viewpoints of our columnists and bloggers. 

Greenhouse Grower’s corporate headquarters are located in Willoughby, OH, where the parent company, Meister Media Worldwide, was founded in 1932. The Horticulture, CropLife Media and International Groups also are located there. Other offices include: 

Memphis, TN — Cotton Grower headquarters
Modesto, CA — Western Fruit Grower headquarters
Orlando, FL — Florida Grower headquarters

Greenhouse Product News - GPN is the only industry publication that delivers market-driven, award-winning editorial in a format with the greatest impact. As a result, GPN is the best-read magazine in the industry, ranks the most useful and preferred among its 19,500 readers, and reaches a significant number of unique floriculture professionals. More marketers recognize GPN as the brand that delivers the greatest ROI - make sure you are among them. 

GPN continues to serve as the floriculture industry’s leading technical magazine. Our experienced editorial staff and contributors provide the information growers need to succeed in today’s incredibly demanding and challenging marketplace. As the only large-format magazine in the market, GPN does the best job of delivering your message with impact — 150% more impact. GPN retains its high-caliber subscribers through quality, market-driven editorial.  As the recipient of 2009 and 2010 Tabbie awards for best single issue and Folio’s 2009 Gold Eddie Award for overall editorial excellence, GPN provides the best vehicle for your message.

Griffin Greenhouse Supplies Inc. - Griffin Greenhouse Supplies, Inc, founded in 1947 by Charles J. Griffin, and headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, is the top greenhouse and nursery supplier in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Griffin Greenhouse Supplies is one of the finest companies in horticultural services and is dedicated to providing the best all-around service to its customers.

Grower Talks/Green Profit - Floriculture publishing is all we do. We eat, sleep and breathe the art and science of communicating with greenhouses and garden centers. I’m a 28-year veteran of the industry, 18 years of that in communications. Ellen Wells, editor-at-large of Green Profit, has a masters in horticulture from Cornell. Associate Publisher Paul Black has spent 18 years honing the craft of helping his clients reach their customers. You’ll see that focus in every issue of GrowerTalks, Green Profit and our e-newsletters, Acres Online and Buzz!  


GrowerTalks gives readers almost 470 editorial pages per year. The competition averages just 241. Green Profit averages 360 pages of editorial per year. The retail competition averages just 157—that’s less than half the content.  


While other publishers are cutting back and downsizing, we’re continually investing in our product to make it the biggest and the best— higher-quality paper stock, professional photography and a unique “flip” format that stands out from the competition. We’re different, we’re better, and readers appreciate that!  


With two magazines in one convenient package, your message reaches more new customers than ever before possible. There’s no better way to stretch your advertising dollar. And if you combine your print ads with our revolutionary e-newsletters, you get an advertising reach that just can’t be beat. But don’t just take my word for it. Put us side by side with the competition and judge for yourself. And ask the real experts, your grower and retail customers. They know which magazine helps them grow their businesses in these challenging times. Then give us a call—we’ll help you grow your business, too.

JR Peters Inc. -  a Custom Toll Manufacturer, Designer, Formulator and Producer of fertilizer products for the Horticulture, Specialty Agriculture and Retail markets. Started in 1947 by Bob Peters, his Horticultural Services Co. tested soil for greenhouse growers and made recommendations on how to produce the best crops. Today, under the leadership of Bob's son, Jack Peters, JR PETERS, INC is advancing the tradition of Peter’s family quality products and services with Jack’s Classic and Jack’s Professional.

Knox Nursery - An established second-generation family-run business started in 1962, Knox Nursery produces a full line of young plants for the greenhouse industry as well as 4-inch finished plants for landscapes and local theme parks. Producing over 150 million plugs and liners from over 700,000 square feet of high-tech greenhouses, Knox Nursery takes advantage of the Central Florida sun to provide customers a nutrient-packed plant for quicker turns. With over 5000 varieties of plants, from Alyssum to Zinnia, Knox Nursery is "Your Bedding Plant Specialist For Over 50 Years".

Koba Corporation  - has been producing a wide array of plastic containers and accessory products for the horticultural industry since 1966. Our guiding philosophy has always been to offer the “most value for the dollar”. And to us, value is the optimum balance of quality and price, with very personalized service. We manufacture all the products we sell. There are no middlemen. Therefore, prices can be kept low – and inquiries as to availability, pricing and delivery can be answered promptly. Shipments are made from our warehouse. 

MasterTag Plant Tags - MasterTag is an international company committed to the production of horticultural care tags and merchandising solutions. We are proud to provide our customers with creative, high quality products and outstanding customer service. We have the most current technology and skilled professionals striving to provide you with innovative solutions for your merchandising needs.

Rough Brothers Inc. - For over 80 years, Rough Brothers has been working with hundreds of clients to design, engineer and manufacture research, teaching, educational and commercial greenhouses. Our business is building the custom greenhouses and conservatories that help commercial growers, retail garden centers, research facilities, universities and schools throughout the country. Rough Brothers Inc. has designed engineered, manufactured and installed commercial greenhouses, garden centers and conservatories since 1932. Over the years, we have gained the necessary experience to help you select, construct, manage and maintain the optimal greenhouse and conservatory structures and integrated environmental control systems. Our long-standing reputation for superior quality at Rough Brothers is something we are proud of.

Selecta -  serves the North American market with excellent genetics of vegetative propagated bedding plants and Poinsettias. Selecta distributes rooted cuttings through Root & Sell companies in the United States and Canada. Unrooted cuttings are available exclusively through Ball Seed. We focus on outstanding customer service with a commitment to bringing the highest quality plant material to the commercial grower.

Syngenta -  is a leader in agriculture across the globe, bringing retailers and growers improved management solutions. Explore some of the history and accomplishments of this innovative company with our new online timeline.